Terms and conditions for using www.sinaiaorasulelitelor.ro website:

This document refers to conditions for using the www.sinaiaorasulelitelor.ro website, henceforth called “site”.

By accessing or using the www.sinaiaorasulelitelor.ro website you agree to the terms and conditions below. This site is owned and managed by S.C. Blue Masters Marketing S.R.L., henceforth called “supplier” or “operator”.

The content of www.sinaiaorasulelitelor.ro website (Including, but without being limited to, images, texts, web graphic elements, scripts, logo and other data) belongs to S.C. Blue Masters Marketing S.R.L. and its partners and suppliers, and is protected under the Copyright law and other laws regarding intellectual and industrial property. Taking all the above into consideration, using these elements without the written consent of S.C. Blue Masters Marketing S.R.L, excepting the cases foreseen below, is strictly forbidden.

User rights:

The user of www.sinaiaorasulelitelor.ro website has the right to browse and see the website on the computer monitor, tablet or mobile phone display, to print parts of the site on paper and to save images under electronic formatting only for personal and non-commercial uses.

www.sinaiaorasulelitelor.ro user obligations:

As user, you agree to observe the following obligations, including, but without limiting to:

– you hold financial responsibility for all transactions performed on your behalf or on your account.

– you are aged over 18 and have the legal ability to initiate legal actions.

– you guarantee for the authenticity of the data supplied about you or members of your family.

– you give your consent to refrain from using the site for speculation purposes, or for generating false or fraudulent orders.

– you agree to the fact that you are forbidden to send materials, information and comments of political, pornographic or racial nature, or any other type of materials that breach the law.

– you are compelled to refrain from altering, copying, sending, sharing, selling, displaying, licensing or reproducing the site content, except for personal and non-commercial use of a single copy of the information the site contains.

The user of www.sinaiaorasulelitelor.ro has no right of using the site content (in its current or in any modified form) for commercial purposes.

The user of www.sinaiaorasulelitelor.ro has no right to take out the notifications regarding copyright and/or trademark from content copies. Copies may be done only according to the terms of use.

The user of www.sinaiaorasulelitelor.ro has no right to generate databases or manuals via page by page downloading the site content.

Any request for reprinting or content redistribution will be addressed to Blue Masters Marketing SRL by using the following e-mail address: office@bluemasters.ro

As an individual, for purchasing products on the website you have to supply us the data required in the ordering form exclusively: phone number, e-mail address, postal address and Personal Numeric Account (CNP), according to the legislation in force.

General terms for purchasing products and services on www.sinaiaorasulelitelor.ro

Any action of filling the order form and launching the order by pressing the “order” button on the site will considered as your firm intent to purchase a certain product from the supplier. If your request is accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL and the ordered product and services delivery mechanism will be enforced.

All products and services published on the site are according with the supplier availability. The supplier terms and conditions (including the product availability and the payment and transportation rules) are published on the ordering form.

When browsing the site, you may notice certain references to different conditions that apply to special offers. Please read carefully these terms and get in touch with SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL for full details.

Filling the Personal Numeric Code (CNP) on the invoices issued by BLUE MASTERS Marketing toward individuals:

According to the Fiscal Code provisions, all companies registered as VAT taxable entities must declare deliveries/services provided inside Romania and to file monthly/quarterly the 394 Statement.

According to ANAF Order no.1105/2016 regarding the modification of the Order no.3769/2015 issued by the president of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) related to declaring deliveries/supplying and purchasing done within national borders by entities registered for VAT and for approving the model and the content of the informative statement regarding deliveries/supplies and purchasing done within national border by entities registered for VAT purposes, whenever a sales process is done directly toward an individual by issuing an invoice, the Personal Numeric Code has to be compulsory registered inside the invoice, as the income gained and the corresponding VAT is collected based on the invoice issued.

Blue Masters Marketing obliges itself to refrain from using or sharing the personal numeric code the buyer must provide inside the order form, according to legal provisions in force (see above) for any purpose, except:

– for due diligences needed in order to issue and send the invoice to the buyer, together with the products purchased;

– for diligences required by the state fiscal institutions in order to declare income gained and collect the VAT, according to the regulations specified above.

Information notice – personal data processing by Blue Masters Marketing SRL


SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL obliges to observe the legislation in force regarding personal data processing. SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL is registered at the National Authority for the Surveillance of Personal Data Processing (ANSPCDP), according to the Law no.677/2001 provisions regarding personal individual protection related to personal data processing, and the free circulation of such data is registered with the evidence registry for personal data processing under no. 37975.

By recording personal data on the site, by newsletter or printed publications subscribing and/or participating in contests and raffles organized by Blue Masters Marketing SRL, identified by the following identification data: J40/11523/2003 and CUI 15688588, with headquarters in România, Bucureşti, sector 5, Str. Fabrica de Chibrituri, nr. 34, etaj 1, ap. 6, henceforward called “the operator”, you certify that you, henceforward called “advised person”, acknowledged the information regarding your personal data processing by the operator, according to the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 with subsequent modification and adds.

I agree to subscribe to the newsletter.

I agree to receive promotional materials via the postal services.

I read, understood and agree with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

By supplying personal data on the website or on subscription forms or by registering in contests and raffles, you explicitly express your agreement to let the operator process your personal data for the following purposes: receiving electronic and postal correspondence in connection to services and products supplied by the operator, direct marketing, advertising, publicity, statistical evidence, raffle or contest participation for getting awards, subscribing to online or printed publications. Your refusal to provide the data mentioned induces the impossibility of fulfilling the purposes displayed above.

The personal data processed by the operator and its empowered entity, S.C. Software şi Echipamente Electronice Pentru Dezvoltare „SEED” – S.R.L., are as follows: name and first name, sex, residence address, birth date and place, citizenship, phone number, e-mail address, personal image and voice (strictly for the video/audio materials recorded upon the operator request), profession, professional education, preferences/habits/behaviour. The organizer obliges itself to refrain from sharing such personal data with third parties, excepting the empowered entities and the following situation: by taking part in contests/raffles organized by the operator, the individual provides his or her explicit agreement to let his or her name, first name and image/voice be used for advertising purposes by the operator, on any communication channel, internet, newspapers, radio or other media. In case participants or winners are made public, the operator will be able to make public only the name, first name and the image and/or voice of the individual (strictly for video/audio materials recorded on demand).

The recipients of the processed personal data are as follows: the concerned person, his or her representative, the operator and its empowered entity, with the following exception: for the winners in contests/raffles and only in what concerns the name, the first name, the birth date, their image and/or voice, recipients will also become the following persons: any visitor or the operator internet pages, contractual partners of the operator (internet, radio, TV, print media, sponsors), any radio listener, TV viewer or reader.

The operator is registered with ANSPCDP, according to provisions of the Law no. 677/2001 regarding personal protection in terms of personal data processing and the free circulation of such data, under no. 37975.

Concerned persons are guaranteed their rights according to the provisions of Law no. 677/2001, especially the rights related to informing, data access, intervening, opposing, addressing the competent court of law and complaining to the surveillance authority. By observing Law no. 677/2001, the main rights main rights above mentioned that belong to the concerned persons have the following content:

  1. The right of being informed: it is guaranteed by the current information notice. Any concerned person has the right to ask the operator to provide, free of charge, a copy of this note via e-mail.
  2. The right to access data: any concerned person has the right to ask the operator to provide, free of charge once a year, the confirmation that data supplied are processed by the operator or not. Thus, by means of written, dated and signed demand of the person, sent to the operator address in Romania, Bucureşti, sector 5, Str. Fabrica de Chibrituri, nr. 34, etaj 1, ap. 6, the operator will confirm once a year and free of charge, whether it uses the personal data of that person or not.
  3. The right to intervene on data: Any concerned person has the right to receive, by demand and free of charge, from the operator the following:

(i) if it is the case, rectifying, upgrading, blocking or erasing data whose processing does not observe the law, especially in terms of partial or inaccurate data;

(ii) if it is the case, transforming data whose processing does not observe the law into anonymous data;

(iii) achieving the notification of third parties to whom data concerned were revealed regarding any operation pertaining to points (i) or (ii), if such notification proves possible or doesn’t require a misbalanced effort when compared to the legitimate interest that might be affected. Thus, the operator will rectify, upgrade, block, erase or transform into anonymous data all the date whose usage does not observe provisions of Law no. 677/2001.

In case a request for blocking, erasing or transforming personal data into anonymous data is filed, until a winner is drawn following a contest of raffle, the concerned person cannot participate legally to the contest/raffle organized by the operator, while the operator cannot designate the person as winner. Data processing is needed and justified if the concerned person is designated as winner.

In this case, the concerned person can ask the operator to refrain from using his or her personal data for advertising purposes via communication channels like internet, radio, newspapers or other media, but only after two years passed since the concerned person was designated as winner, according to Order no.52/2002 issued by the People’s Solicitor.

  1. The right to oppose: Any concerned person has the right to oppose anytime, with sound and legitimate reasons connected to his or her particular situation, against processing data that concern that person, excepting the situation where the law says otherwise. In case of justified opposition, data processing cannot target the data subjected to opposition anymore. Your refusal to supply data mentioned results in an impossibility to fulfil above shown purposes. In case such a request is made until the winner is drawn after a contest or a raffle is organized, the concerned person can no longer legally take part in the contest or raffle organized by the operator, and the operator cannot designate that person as winner. Data processing is needed and justified in case the concerned person is designated as winner. In this case, the concerned person can ask the operator to refrain from using his or her personal data for advertising purposes inside its own communication channels, internet, newspapers, radio or other media, only after two years passed since the concerned person was designated as winner.

The concerned person has the right to oppose anytime, free of charge and without justification, against processing his or her data for direct marketing purposes, on behalf of the operator or on behalf of a third party, or against revealing the data to third parties for such a purpose. In case ads are displayed on the operator website, the concerned person will have to revise the internet cookies settings on his or her own computer in order to stop receiving the ad from the operator’s marketing partners. The opposition has to be written and dated, signed and sent to the operator headquarters.

  1. The right to complain: Any concerned person may complain to ANSPDCP, but no sooner than after passing 15 days since a similar content complain was forwarded to the operator.
  2. The right to address a court of law: Any concerned person has the right to address a court for defending any right guaranteed by Law no. 677/2001 that he or she sees as breached. The competent court of law is the one corresponding to the area where the plaintiff resides.

Product returning

SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL will observe the provisions of the Emergency Ordinance no. 34/June 4th, 2014, regarding the consumer rights for distance contracts, which gives the buyer the right (solely under the provisions of the aforementioned legal act) to return purchased products within 14 working days from receiving all products purchased, without penalties and without offering a reason.

If the product has faults, the customer can ask for returning the product/products. The product return can be done only together with the original documents attached to the initial order. If this is the case, the customer can receive another product, identical with the faulty one, or – if this is not possible – can receive back the amount of money paid for that product. SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL is wholly responsible for manufacturing flaws. The whole responsibility for flaws resulting due to improper transportation conditions goes to the transporter, namely the Romanian Post of the fast courier.

The return of the products will be done at the expense of the customer, at tariffs used by the delivery agent when the expedition is made. The products will be returned wrapped in the original package, only if this suffered no deteriorations, and the customer will receive the counter value of the order within 30 days from the written unilateral denouncement (document signed by the buyer and sent electronically or by post with receive confirmation). Reimbursement may be postponed until returned products are received or until a proof for products shipment is received. SC Blue Masters Marketing has the right to ask the customer for damages, according to the legal provisions in force, when it considers the customer acted with bad will. At the same time, SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL reserves the right to subsequently refuse honouring other orders of that customer.

Return address for the products is: Str. Fabrica de Chibrituri Nr. 34, Et. 1, Ap. 6, Bucureşti, Cod 050183 for returns made through the Romanian Post or through fast courier.

Important notice: No matter the transportation method chosen, returns will never be shipped by the customer to SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL by using cash-on-delivery payment method.

Users’ online access

SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL does not guarantee the customers’ access to www.sinaiaorasulelitelor.ro website anytime, and is not responsible for any problems generated by third parties (technical issues, malfunctions due to the server or the internet connection) or for problems generated by upgrade or any other commercial reasons that SC Blue Masters Marketing might have.

Limited liability

SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL is permanently focused on keeping the information included in the website accurate. Sometimes, this information may include small inadvertencies: pictures with an informative purpose, or some specifications that may be modified without prior notice or may include operating errors. We are always at your disposal for clarifications.

SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL can modify at any moment any online details regarding products and services offered. Images and product descriptions may contain errors or may differ from reality. SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL cannot be held liable for such situations, but it will try to solve them as soon as possible after they were signalled.

Prices posted on www.sinaiaorasulelitelor.ro include VAT, but do not include delivery expenses or other expenses, unless specifically posted otherwise on the website. Costs related to delivery or/and other costs for services are stipulated inside the ordering form and will also be specified at the moment the order is confirmed by SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL.

If SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL cannot deliver the order due to the customer fault (the customer is not found at the address supplied, or the customer does not show up to pick the package from the Post office, or the customer cannot be contacted, etc.) the order will be cancelled and products will be returned to SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL. For a new delivery, the customer will have to support new delivery costs or any other technical costs needed.

If the customer paid in advance and cannot receive the products, due to his or her fault, within ten days from the expedition, and cannot be contacted within 30 days, the order will be cancelled, but the amount of money paid will not be reimbursed, as it becomes compensation for the loss suffered due to the customer fault.

Orders received on www.sinaiaorasulelitelor.ro on Fridays after 6 p.m. or on Saturdays and Sundays will be processed the following Monday, excepting legal holidays. Product shipment will be performed within 24 hours since the order was placed (Monday to Friday) and delivery will be made within 2 to 3 days, depending on the transportation method chosen.

SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL is not responsible for the content, the quality or the nature of the information and comments posted by the author or by site visitors, but will watch for a polite manner of addressing. Using a licentious language or any kind of discrimination is strictly forbidden. SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL reserves the right to erase any comment that goes beyond the abovementioned conditions. At the same time, SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL cannot be held responsible for the content of the websites the user may reach by using links on the site.

Force majeure

Neither the customer, nor SC Blue Masters Marketing SRL will be held liable for nonperforming the obligations assumed if such non-performance is due to a force majeure event.