See where all the cards were played. We have one for you, too.

Starting this week, the book called „Sinaia, Oraşul Elitelor” and its English version „Sinaia, Land of the Elites” awaits its readers also at Sinaia Casino.

Situated on the northern side of “Dimitrie Ghica” park, the Sinaia Casino still stands as one of the iconic buildings of the resort. The imposing building meant a construction record, as it was built within a single year (1912-1913) on the location were once stood the Ghica villa, the first villa in the resort, erected by Prince Dimitrie Ghica after designs made by architect Petre Antonescu.

One cannot say he or she visited Sinaia without crossing the threshold of the iconic building at No.2 Carol I Blvd., which, during its golden age, engulfed the visitor in an atmosphere typical to famous places like Baden-Baden, Biarritz or Monte Carlo. The Casino was not only a gaming venue (roulette, chemin-de-fer, etc.) but also a cultural venue, by means of its spectacles hall, where representations and festivities were organized, or quality movies run. Today, the Casino building hosts a permanent art gallery, painting exhibitions or theatre shows, and can be visited by tourists.

In Sinaia, the English version of the book can be bought from Sinaia Casino, Sinaia City Museum – the Florescu-Ştirbey Palace, the shop within the Peles Palace premises,the souvenirs shop behind the La Tunuri terrace, the souvenirs shop within Bastion complex, the bookstore in front of Mega Image supermarket on Carol I Blvd., the Art & Fresh shop and the Flower Power book store.

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