A book about “The little Versailles” was launched in the center of “The little Paris”, at Bucharest City Museum

On April 16th, inside the Bucharest City Museum, the book met its Bucharest readers for the first time. The former Şuţu Palace didn’t prove large enough for the audience. More than 100 people took part in the event. Together with the author of the book, architect Dan Manea, academician Constantin Bălăceanu-Stolnici and Adrian Majuru, the Bucharest City Museum manager, spoke from their personal perspective about the book, about Sinaia and about personalities with destinies tied to this true “little Versailles”. The personalities taking part at the Bucharest launch included, among others, architect Viorica Cures, President of the Romanian Architects Union, Cornel Nistorescu, journalist, and Alexandru Bartoc, president of Bartoc Foundation, who, in memory of his father (who was part of the team that erected the Heroes Monument in Bucegi Mountains) registered the famous Cross on the Caraiman Peak in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The audience at the launch event included top representatives of the business world, architects, writers, historians, Sinaia architecture and history lovers, journalists. They were all fascinated by the exceptional stories told by academician Bălăceanu-Stolnici, who evoked the Sinaia of his youth as a tribute for the city and his inhabitants and appreciated the “Sinaia, Oraşul Elitelor” as a true ambassador book for national values.

You may find inside the photo gallery below some pictures from the event and the press release inside the mass-media page.